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Find or List a Café Business for Sale in Newcastle with the Right Team

Perhaps you are a prospective buyer or investor, looking for a café business for sale in Newcastle that you can purchase. Alternatively, maybe you own a café or coffee shop right now and have been thinking for months about selling it. In either case, teaming up with the right business real estate broker can make your life a whole lot easier. At Business Agents, our goal is always to do what is best for the interests of the client. Regardless of whether you are buying or selling, we pledge to work tirelessly to deliver a terrific experience and an optimal endgame result.

What Sets Business Agents Apart from Other Business Brokers?

Whether you are looking to buy or list a coffee business for sale in Newcastle, your first question when choosing a broker will likely be something along the lines of: ‘Okay, what makes you special?’ At Business Agents, what makes us special—and what sets us apart from other business brokers—is simple: it’s our desire to approach this kind of business differently from anyone else.

Let’s rewind to the beginning for a moment. Three years ago, when we started this business, we did so out of an urge to fill a void in the business brokerage industry. At the time, our founder, Dani Rifai, had just recently gone through the process of purchasing a business. That transaction involved working with several business brokers, all of whom surprised Dani with their lack of professionalism and skill. The process was messy, unprofessional and misguided. The brokers weren’t business brokers at all, but real estate agents who were trying to apply the principles of selling property and real estate to selling a business. They lacked general financial knowledge, as well as knowledge about the client’s financial position. As a result, their services were ineffective—both for Dani as a buyer and for the client who was selling their business.

Thus, Business Agents was born. We wanted to offer a different kind of brokerage for people buying or selling businesses—one that would eliminate many of the pain points Dani experienced during his business purchase process. Here are a few ways in which we have striven to set ourselves apart from the competition ever since:

  • We take an accounting approach. Where many business brokers come from a real estate background, the backgrounds of our team members at Business Agents are all grounded in finance and accounting. Contrary to popular belief, selling a business is nothing like selling real estate. When you list a café for sale in Newcastle, you are not merely selling a building or a parcel of land: you are also selling a brand and an entity with future income-earning potential. The benefit of selling a business is the realisation of the value of the asset that the owner has created, along with the benefit of watching their legacy continue to provide a living to another family. By taking an accounting approach with our brokering, we can achieve better results for our clients that are more in line with the true value of a business entity.
  • We pick our staff very carefully. From the beginning, our business plan was very deliberate with the change we wanted to bring to the process of buying or selling a business concern. That clear vision helped us build a very intentional boutique brokerage firm, right down to our staff. We carefully hand-select each staff member with a focus on financial background, then work with them closely on training to ensure that every single agent can get out there and advocate for the interests of clients in the most effective way possible.
  • We are more affordable. We believe that many brokers overcharge their clients right out of the gate. Because most people don’t buy or sell businesses more than a few times in their lives, clients often don’t realise that they are overpaying for an inferior service. Our goal is to provide more affordable service with better results. Instead of overcharging our clients unfairly, we simply do the work to get them a better sale price for their business. Leaning on our finance background, we are typically able to realise more value in companies than the majority of our competitors, which leads to more significant sales. Besides, we market our listings on the top 14 webpages, where the majority of our competitors only use two or three.
  • These factors combined lead to a more efficient, seamless and professional process that ends in a bigger return-on-investment for the client—particularly considering the cost-effective pricing of our services.

If you are listing your café shop for sale in Newcastle, we think you deserve to get a sale price that reflects what that entity and everything it encompasses is truly worth. We’re willing to do the hard work to get you there.

What You Can Expect from Business Agents When Listing Your Café for Sale in Newcastle

What can you expect from the process of working with our team at Business Agents? Let’s start with the seller side of the equation. If you own a coffee shop currently and are ready to list your café business for sale in Newcastle, here is how your experience with us will look:

  • We’ll appraise your café business. We start by carrying out a thorough appraisal of your café business—one that reflects its true value as a piece of real estate, as a brand and as an income producer. We can also advise you on what a sale price might be given the current market situation.
  • We prepare you’re your business for sale. We perform a 360-degree review of your business, which helps us identify recommendations for how you might increase its value. This process also helps us to prepare the documentation, due diligence and marketing strategies that will all be necessary to move forward with the sale of your business.
  • We market your business. At any given time, it’s a safe bet there is someone out there looking for a coffee or food business for sale Newcastle. Our goal is to find that prospective buyer and make sure they are the right fit for the business you are trying to sell. As mentioned before, we get your property in front of many eyes by putting it at the top of the sales listings on the heaviest-traffic business sale websites. We also market your business directly to our network of buyers to see if there is a match to be found there.
  • We qualify the buyer leads. Not all leads are equal. To respect our sellers’ time—and to ensure as efficient and streamlined a process as we can—we qualify buyers to determine which ones are a) serious prospects, and b) the right match for your business.
  • We negotiate. Once a buyer has made a formal offer, we consult with them (and act as the go-between for you and your agent) until we can formulate firm agreements that are favourable to both parties.
  • We finish out the process. Finally, we see the sale process through to completion, working with buyers and sellers alike to coordinate the settlement, handover and ultimate completion of the sale or purchase.

What You Can Expect from Business Agents When Shopping for Coffee Shops for Sale in Newcastle

If you are a buyer surveying the market for coffee shops for sale in Newcastle, you can expect a similar process—just from a different point of view. Here is a basic rundown of our process when we work with buyers:

  • You reach out. Start by getting in touch with us and letting us know what you are looking for in a business. Knowing you are after a café or coffee shop is a good start, but other specifics, budgetary restrictions or considerations will also help us find what you want.
  • We sign an agreement. If you decide to work with us to find and purchase a business, we will ask you to enter into a business agent agreement with us. This contract enables us to formalise our agent-client relationship with you so that we can begin searching for businesses that match the profile you provided.
  • We build a business scorecard based on your needs. Just as you often don’t buy the first house you see; you probably aren’t going to purchase the first coffee shop you find on the market. Based on your requirements, we build a business scorecard that helps us rate different businesses based on how well they match what you’re seeking. Similar to our buyer qualification process for sellers, we carry out business qualifications based on this scorecard.

The last two steps of the process—offer, negotiation and settlement, handover and completion—are the same for buyers as they are for sellers.

What You Stand to Gain When You Use Business Agents

Whether you are selling a business or buying one, working with Business Agents can ensure you a better end-to-end experience with a superior outcome. For sellers, our financial background and our skill with business appraisals and marketing are our core strengths. For buyers, it’s how much we care to learn their wants and needs for purchasing a new business. In either case, you can expect us to find a good buyer-seller match with a fair purchase/sale price. If you are preparing to list a café business for sale in Newcastle or need help finding one for purchase, contact us today for assistance.